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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bonded Leather?

Bonded leather is a luxurious material that is extremely soft. Our bonded leather is water impermeable, regulates well in the heat and is stain resistant. The top surface of our mats is made with a synthetic layer of polyurethane. This allows for it to wipe clean easily and maintain high resistance to stains. The backside is a soft suede leather. Our bonded leather contains 72% faux-leather and 28% natural leather fibers. 

What is on the underside of the mat?

The bottom side of the mat is made of a soft, suede leather. 

How do I clean the mat?

Spot treat on the top and bottom sides of the mat. Using a paper towel, cleaning wipe, or wet rag, clean off area until the mess is gone. Make sure to dry completely before putting away. We also remind you to use caution on the mats, as we cannot be held responsible for damage done after the mat has been used.

Can I wash the mat?

Do not machine wash. Follow the directions above to spot clean.

Is there a way to get the wrinkles out?

Yes. Laying the mat out flat in the sun for an hour or so can help release wrinkles. You can also steam the underside of the mat. Do not iron.

Is there anything I shouldn’t use on my mat?

Avoid acrylic or oil paints. Take care that you do not use markers or ball point pens directly on the mat. And be mindful with scissors and other sharp object as they may cut the mat. Avoid using watercolors on printed mats as they are more sensitive to them. Some sunscreens can also stain the mat, particularly mineral sunscreen. Be sure to take caution when using highly pigmented items on your mat including food and beverages as we cannot be held responsible for damage done after the mat has been used.

Are the mats safe for my children?

Yes. All mats are California Prop 65 compliant and contain no lead or harmful chemicals.

Can I stack two discount codes at the same when making a purchase?

No. Our site does not allow for two codes to be used together at the same time for a purchase. We recommend that you choose the code that saves you the most money on your purchase.

How soon will my order ship out?

All in-stock orders ship within 48 hours on normal business days. If your items are pre-order items it will be clearly stated on the product listing. 

How long does normal shipping take before it will arrive? 

On average, all domestic orders arrive in 2-3 business days. Orders are shipped from Utah, so if you are more than 1,000 miles away from Utah your order will most likely take 3-5 business days.

How long does international shipping take before it will arrive? 

International shipping will take anywhere from 2-7 weeks to arrive to its destination. 

Can I expedite shipping on my order?

Yes, you can expedite your order by selecting the expediting shipping option in the checkout portion of your order.

Can I return my Mat if it was not what I was expecting?

Yes, please see our Return page for more information. 

Do I have the option of an exchange instead of a return?

Yes, please see our Return page for more information. 

Can I return my Floor Cushion if it was not what I was expecting?

Yes, we will happily accept Floor Cushion returns, however customers will be responsible for any additional shipping costs that may arise when returning it. 

What happens if I receive a damaged item?

That’s no good! Please contact us immediately as all damages must be reported within 48 hours upon receiving your order.

What happens if I put in the wrong shipping address?

Contact us immediately if something is amiss with your order. Since orders are processed so quickly, we have a very narrow window to edit or change orders once they are placed. Please double check your shipping address and cart contents before checking out.

Orders that are sent back to us because of an invalid address will be processed as returns.

If I just ordered something and the price is now lower can I get a price match?

Yes, within 7 days of your purchase we will gladly offer a one-time price adjustment on items purchased at full price. Email us at for support with "price adjustment" in the subject line.

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