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Welcome to Gathre EU!

Gathre’s story began in Provo, Utah where we (Marilee and Jessica) met. Some mutual friends introduced us at a girl’s night downtown. Both in the thick of motherhood raising two kids, and living in little apartments, we had a lot in common and became dear friends.

After eating outside during the summer and washing blankets from toddler spills, one day Marilee thought, “Why not make a wipeable blanket for the modern leather?!” It clicked and we’ve been running at it since.

In December of 2014 we raised $78,000 on Kickstarter in 30 days. We folded thousands upon thousands of mats during many an all nighter in Marilee’s in-law's garage (doesn’t every start up have a garage story?). We've since graduated to a lovely studio just a few blocks away from where we first met in downtown Provo. Full circle.

We’re moms with little kids at home, and our first priority will always be our families. But we do have a love for good design and didn’t feel like there was a well-designed option for the modern parent to sit, picnic, beach, craft, or adventure on. Plus it’s wipeable and waterproof -- which is an absolute cherry on top for busy moms, like us.

When we think that we get to work side by side with someone who feels a little more like a sister than a friend, bringing together the two things we care about most: well-designed things and families, we’re in awe. We believe deeply that the relationships we make are the most important part of our lives. And our hope and mission is to create a place for people to live in the grand and simple moments with those you love most. #carryitwithyou

xo, marilee + jessica


Marilee || First up in my life is God and family- they are the center of my orbit. I'm married with three children and I feel most content at home with them. I get a thrill out of traveling, eating cupshakes, and the color white. I'd consider myself a has-been dancer, and now i'm really good at going to bed late and not folding laundry. I dream of one day becoming half the woman my mother is. Grateful you’re here!

Jessica || Wife to my dearest, and mama to my two little loves, you can find me most times surrounded by them. I am a dreamer and a believer. I often feel overwhelmed with gratitude for life. If I could hope to be one thing in life, it's to be a woman full of grace. My greatest joys lie in creating, helping others, and getting outside for a good running sesh. I'm partial to pizza and a good read, but always striving to adventure more.