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The softness of a blanket. The functionality of a tarp. The luxury of leather.

"This is our third Gathre mat—we have two Midis and one Maxi Square. We use all three regularly in the house, out on the porch and in the yard—they are perfect for providing a space for our 6 month old to play on. Love the quality of the product—wipes off easily, soft, and travels well."

Loryn K.

"After having my eye on Gathre mats for some time, I finally decided to go for it. The product far exceeded my expectations. It's super soft, easy to fold and shake off sand, and beautiful. Thank you for creating a wonderful product."

Angela M.

"I love my Gathre mat! Babies are messy! This is one of the most functional baby items I own, it provides are clean space for baby to play and helps keep food mess contained. I have honestly been so impressed, that this will be a go-to gift for friends and family! I am excited to get some more mats for other areas and functions!"

Amanda H.

“I had a few diaper changing mats before this one, and they were so annoying. They would all require constant laundering and had many stains! This one will last you forever, and all you need to do is simply wipe clean. Thanks Gathre, I will recommend this product to all my friends!”

Sarah S.


“Paint, finger nail polish, the messiest and stickiest of foods, beach sand, all of it... It all just wipes right off! A mother’s dream! I’m kind of bothered we are only now figuring this out!"

“We use our mat for beach trips throughout the summer. It has become a staple. The mat is waterproof, durable, and great for hanging in the sand all day long.”

“I love it when mamas come out with products that solve problems and look so nice. These awesome, durable mats are totally waterproof and the sand brushed right off."

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