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#GathreGood with Andrea Williams of Tubby Todd Bath Co

Give us a little intro to Andrea and to Tubby Todd?
Hi! I'm Andrea! We started Tubby Todd Bath Co. as a way to help my baby's sensitive skin. We wanted to have a natural skin care solution for our family but weren't super excited about any options out there. We spent two years and a lot of time developing our first formula and launched our company two and a half years ago. Since then we have added almost twenty products! And now I'm so tired. JK. I was tired before we even started.   
Tell us something we might not know about you?
Hablo Espanol! (Translation: I speak Spanish!) 
To what do you attribute your crazy awesome success with Tubby Todd?
The amazing online community we are fortunate to be a part of! And our formulas. They are the best. 
How do you feel like you've been prepared for your current work?
I was never really good at anything growing up, you know the traditional stuff. I always had to work extra hard for grades, sports and music. This ended up being a blessing later on in life because I'm a little more determined and crazy than my high achieving peers because of how hard I had to work to keep up. Also, I've had a job pretty much since I was 12. Work experience is everything! From waiting tables to selling tube tops, I think work experience is the most valuable thing to have on your side while starting a company. 
If you were to go back and start again what do you wish you could have known?
That it doesn't matter if your website, pictures or copy is perfect, if you believe in your product just start selling it! 
What keeps you up at night?
My kids. Physically and emotionally. 
Do you mind sharing any failures you're proud of learning from?
Brian and I tried starting almost ten companies before we started Tubby Todd! Some developed more than others, but this is the one that was right! 
What's your ultimate goal with Tubby Todd?
To provide a good, clean, fun tubby time for all families. 
How do you gather the good?
Our brand has attracted so many beautiful, kind families and women that I am so blessed to rub shoulders with. Our goal is to provide them with safe, natural products that help them nourish themselves and the people they care for. 
What helps you find that balance between work and family?
Exhaustion. But really. I lean into my body (and spirit) and try to listen to when it's telling me to slow down, speed up, or take time for myself. 
What do you love most about you being a mom? And your work?
I love my kids. I really do. All three of them are CRAZY. And hilarious. And seriously three of my very favorite people that I love being around. I love being their mom because I get to spend time with them.
And work- I love content! I love creating content campaigns, writing blog posts and Instagram messages that convey my feelings for our products. I'm a dork. 
Let us in on what a day in the life looks like for you?
7:30 wakeup
9:00 school rush
9-2 work
2-8 kids
8-11 flounder (try to work, clean, work out- but usually I eat a snack)
11 pm BED 
Could you share some successes you're most proud of?
Last week we had a Warehouse sale and almost a dozen people in the first hour came up and told us that Tubby Todd had changed their family's life because of how it took care of their skin issues. AMAZING. It made me so happy. 
Lastly, and for good measure, what's your favorite Tubby Todd product?
All Over Ointment. It's our very own Windex- works for everything. 

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