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#GathreGood with Erica Patten

Our Gathre The Good series continues with a shining lady, Erica Patten. Lucky for us, we've rubbed shoulders with Erica in real life. She is kind, effortless, and spends time with you like you're that important. A mama to four little girls she is on the go to keep up, yet her goodness leaves a trail aglow in her wake. We wish we could all sit and chat with her over lunch, but for now this little glimpse into her bright life will have to do. Thanks Erica, muah!

Being a mom is busy and tiring. Tell us how you make time for yourself and what you like to do feel refreshed?

You’re right, being a mom is busy and tiring!!  I’ve come to the realization that I’m not in a phase of life where I'm going to have a whole lot of "me time" during the day.  And that's okay.  Haha I’m lucky if I can get the bathroom to myself a few times a day.  My husband and I have always been really good at getting our girls to bed early which, in return, leaves us with the evening to ourselves to relax, talk about our day, and get the things done that we need to.  It is also the time that I quickly tidy up the house without little ones to mess it right back up.  And honestly, that is what makes me feel refreshed.  Oh, and my nightly bath.  I don't know if I would survive without it.

You have a darling family. What is it like raising four girls? What's the hardest part and your greatest hope for them?

Being a mom of four girls is great!  So much pink, princesses, tea parties, make up, dress ups, etc. — but I'll be honest, it's not always the easiest.  Yes, we usually have good days but we definitely have rough ones too. I grew up in a house full of girls, which I like to think prepped me for my own house full.  Or got me ready for all the drama.

The hardest part is making sure they are individually getting the attention they need.  I'm sure it's the same at most houses, but it always seems like my girls all need me at the exact same time.  I often find myself wishing I had another set of arms to help out.

My greatest hope would be that they see themselves the way I seem them and that they always know their self worth.  Life is hard and I hope they'll always be the ones to stand out against the crowd as girls that know who they are and aren't afraid to be different, at times.  I hope that they will truly love life, work hard for what they want, have fun, be kind, and most importantly be happy.

What can you gather and gather and gather and still never have enough of?

Family time.  It doesn't matter how often we see our families, it never feels like it's enough. 

What is your most prized possession besides your children?

Other than my girls, I think it would have to be my yearly blog books. They hold our families daily happenings that document the good and the bad. I love to see my girls thumbing through them and hope they'll cherish the memories we've made.  I always love looking back over the years and see how much the girls have grown and changed.

You're a walking beauty. What's your go to product, or have a tip for the rest of us?

Fake eyelashes.  They will change your world.  I also swear by dry shampoo.

What's a bucket list item you're dying to check off, that dream you've always wanted to pursue, or just something want to accomplish before your 80?

I hate to admit it, but I've never had a bucket list, nor am I a big dreamer.  Is that terrible to say?  I just want to be a person that makes a difference, or inspires someone somehow.  I want to watch my girls grow up to be happy women and see them with their own families.

I guess a trip to Europe with my husband wouldn't be all that bad either ;) 

Wasn't that just refreshing? To catch more of Erica all the time, follow her along on Instagram @EricaPatten.

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